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  • Spillover in Euro Area Sovereign Bond Markets 

    Conefrey, Thomas; Cronin, David (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 2014)
  • Network social capital and labour market outcomes: Evidence for Ireland 

    Brady, Gerard (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 2014)
    Using data from the International Social Survey Programme 2008 this paper tests empirically the effects of network social capital on Irish employment outcomes, while attempting to account for possible endogeneity. We allow ...
  • Is fuel poverty in Ireland a distinct type of deprivation? 

    Watson, Dorothy; Maitre, Bertrand (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 2014)
    In this paper, we draw on the Central Statistics Office SILC data for Ireland to ask whether fuel poverty is a distinctive type of deprivation that warrants a fundamentally different policy response than poverty in general. ...
  • Do credit constraints affect SME investment and employment? 

    Gerlach-Kristen, Petra; O'Connell, Brian; O'Toole, Conor (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 2014)
    This paper explores the potential presence of credit constraints confronting Irish SMEs and investigates the impact of these constraints on firms’ employment and investment. Using new survey data collected by the Department ...
  • Winners and losers on the roller-coaster: Ireland, 2003-2011 

    Madden, David (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 2014)
    This paper applies the methodology of Ravallion and Chen in calculating growth incidence curves for Ireland over the 2003-2011 period, using measures of equivalised disposable income from the Survey of Income and Living ...

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