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  • Policy lessons from Ireland?s latest Depression 

    Whelan, Karl (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2010)
    This paper provides a selective review of Ireland?s economic performance of the last 20 years, from the early days of the Celtic Tiger, through to the housing boom and the recent slump, and then attempts to draw a few ...
  • Did the Celtic Tiger decrease socio-economic differentials in perinatal mortality in Ireland? 

    Layte, Richard; Clyne, Barbara (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2010)
    Irish perinatal mortality rates have been falling steadily for a number of decades but evidence from the 1980s showed pronounced differentials in mortality rates across socio-economic groups. Between 1995 and 2006 Irish ...
  • Quantifying revenue windfalls from the Irish housing market 

    Addison-Smyth, Diarmaid; McQuinn, Kieran (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2010)
    The speed and severity of the decline in the Irish fiscal position in recent years raises a number of important issues regarding the assessment of fiscal policy within the EU. From a position of relative strength, with ...
  • The challenge of tax reform and expanding the tax base 

    Poterba, Peter (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2010)
    My topic today is the design of tax policy, and in particular the role of socalled ?tax expenditures? in income tax systems. It is a topic that is important not just in Ireland but in many other nations ? including the ...
  • A quality adjusted measure of labour services for Ireland 

    Keeney, Mary J. (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2010)
    This paper presents annual indices of labour input adjusted for the age, education and gender distributions of the Irish workforce for the period 1999-2008. Growth in labour services is divided between the increase in ...

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