Recent Submissions

  • Trends in higher-education participation in Northern Ireland 

    Osborne, R.D.; Miller, R.L.; Cormack, R.J.; Williamson, A.P. (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1989)
    This paper is concerned with the analysis of a recent cohort of higher education entrants from Northern Ireland. It examines the social and educational characteristics of these entrants in the light of data relating to ...
  • Employment relationships in Irish counties 1881-1971 

    Norton, Dag (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1988)
    An autonomous sector in a county is one which does not depend primarily on conditions outside that sector in the same county. Other sectors in a county are induced by activity in the autonomous sectors. For Ireland, ...
  • Modeling the demand for factors of production in the mechanical engineering industry of Northern Ireland, 1954-79 

    Harris, R (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1988)
    This paper estimates an econometric model of the demand for the factors of production using data available for the Mechanical Engineering industry in Northern Ireland. The primary aim is to demonstrate that it is possible ...

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