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  • Extensions to a quantitative analysis of the degree of integration between Irish and UK financial markets 

    Geary, R.C. (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1979)
    In a recent issue of this Review, Browne and O'Connell (1978) find a close relationship between the Irish and the UK interest rates simultaneous in time with the magnitudes of the UK fluctuation "completely transmitted ...
  • Regional development and spatial equity in Northern Ireland 

    Goodyear, P.M.; Eastwood, D.A. (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1979)
    The paper examines Northern Ireland's `regional strategy? programme, assessing its successes and failures in reducing spatial inequalities in overall social well-being throughout the province. Social well-being is calculated ...
  • Psychological disturbance in Ireland, in England and in Irish emigrants to England - comparative study 

    Cochrane, Raymond; Stopes-Roe, Mary (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1979)
    A community survey involving 200 Irish emigrants to England, 200 natives of England and 200 residents of the Republic of Ireland was conducted to test a number of hypotheses drawn from mental hospital admission statistics. ...
  • Cost of capital to Irish industry - revised estimates 

    Geary, Patrick T.; McDonnell, Edward (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1979)
    Cost of capital indices, based on those of Geary, Walsh and Copeland (1975), are revised and updated to 1975. The revisions involve the use of different series for the price of new capital goods and the borrowing rate of ...
  • Information theoretic approach to measurement of spatial inequality 

    Walsh, J.A.; O'Kelly, M.E. (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1979)
    In this paper we present some quantitative indices for measuring and comparing levels of inequality in discrete spatial distributions. The indices presented are based on the Kullback Information Measure which we consider ...

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