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  • Productivity trends in Ireland - a rejoinder 

    Sapsford, D; Kelly, W (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1980)
    In his reply to our earlier note (Sapsford and Kelly , 1980) Katsiaouni (1980) puts forward a number of justifications for the particular choice of sub-periods in his analysis o f trend growth rates in output per man-hour ...
  • Productivity trends in Ireland - a reply 

    Katsiaouni, O (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1980)
    Sapsford and Kelly deal with that portion of my work which updated Kennedy's (1971) earlier study. Within this they focused on manufacturing productivity trends, in the post-war period, and not on productivity growth in ...
  • Productivity trends in Ireland - a statistical note 

    Sapsford, D; Kelly, W (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1980)
    In a recent study Katsiaouni (1979) presented, amongst other things, estimates of the trend rate of growth of labour productivity in manufacturing between 1953 and 1973. In this note we re-examine this aspect of Katsiaouni's ...
  • A portfolio balance approach to monetary and fiscal-policies in a small open-economy 

    Thom, Dr (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1980)
    Monetary and fiscal policies are examined in a steady-state small open economy model. Complete price taking behaviour implies that domestic output is supply determined and invariant to domestic shocks. Balanced budget ...
  • An analysis of the relative size of the government sector, Ireland 1926-52 

    O'Hagan, JW (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1980)
    Despite the proliferation of studies relating to the growth of the public sector, there has been limited discussion and analysis of this phenomenon in an historical setting. The present paper attempts to partly fill this ...

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