Recent Submissions

  • Note of incomes in designated areas, 1960 and 1965 

    Ross, M (Economic and Social Research Institute, DUBLIN, 1971)
    Recently in response to a request from the EEC, incomes were estimated separately for the designated areas and the remainder of the country for i960 and 1965. The results are presented here to make them available to other ...
  • Factor analysis and cluster analysis - their value and stability in social survey research 

    Raven, J; Ritchie, J (Economic and Social Research Institute, DUBLIN, 1971)
    The object of this paper is to present the results of some methodological work carried out in the Government Social Survey Department in the course of a number of surveys connected with education. Most of the work was ...
  • Regional growth and income patterns, 1960-65 

    Martin, JP (Economic and Social Research Institute, DUBLIN, 1971)
    This study owes its origins to the earlier research of Ross and Baker into regional income and employment patterns in Ireland and to the appearance of the Buchanan Report in 1969. These works have laid much of the groundwork ...
  • First employment, social status and mobility in Dublin 

    Hutchins, B (Economic and Social Research Institute, DUBLIN, 1971)
    It is widely believed that a young man entering the labour market for the first time may, if he wishes, take any job open to him, of whatever social status or degree of skill, confident that this will not affect significantly ...
  • Price-change calculations based on 3 forms of input-output model - illustration from estimates of impact of equal pay on Irish industry 

    Henry, EW; Walsh, BM (Economic and Social Research Institute, DUBLIN, 1971)
    The official Input-Output (I-O) Tables for 1964 provide us with a 17 sector model in Appendix Tables A1, A2 and A3. In this version of the model, similar imports are distributed along the rows of the transactions matrix ...

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