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  • Information about income from interviews 

    Lavan, A; Ward, CK (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1979)
    At the core of continuing debate in social research is the question, posed succinctly by Bynner and Stribley (1979), 'How can we formulate a rigorous strategy for investigating social phenomena and how can we implement ...
  • Measurement of capacity utilisation in Irish manufacturing-industry 

    Oreilly, L; Nolan, B (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1979)
    This paper estimates capacity output for Irish manufacturing industry using the Wharton School linked-peaks method, updating an index produced in McMahon and Smyth (1974). It then presents a capacity output series using a ...
  • Econometric-model of building society behaviour in Ireland 

    Hewitt, VN; Thom, DR (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1979)
    This paper presents a quarterly model of Irish building society behaviour over the period 1973-78. The model attempts to explain the major variables in the incremental balance sheet with special emphasis on the relationships ...
  • Impact of lower preference votes on Irish parliamentary elections, 1922-1977 

    Gallagher, Michael (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1979)
    This paper examines the electoral impact of the counting and transfer of lower preference votes on Dail elections since 1922. The relationship between transfers and constituency size is assessed, and it is shown that a ...
  • Analysis of the distribution of wealth in Ireland 

    Chesher, Andrew (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1979)
    Lyons' (1972) data on the distribution of Irish wealth are considered and the appropriateness of the lognormal and Pareto models for this data are assessed using relatively sophisticated statistical methods. Allowance is ...

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