Recent Submissions

  • Systems and management - review 

    Ross, M (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1973)
    This article seeks to serve several purposes, first to present a brief statement of the evolution and philosophy of modern systems analysis and then, to relate this to the operation of the managerial function in a modern ...
  • Economic conditions and policy in Northern Ireland 

    Gibson, Norman (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1973)
    My brief, as I understand it, is to examine the present economic circumstances of Northern Ireland, particularly within the context of the 1970-75 Development Programme. I propose first to look selectively at some of the ...
  • Are Irelands social security payments too small - note 

    Geary, R.C. (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1973)
    On several occasions in recent years, Ireland has been taken to task for the alleged smallness, percentage-wise, of its social security payments, by comparison with other countries in Western Europe. Comparisons are odious, ...
  • Application of Samuelson - Stone linear expenditure system to food consumption in Ireland 

    Casey, Michael G. (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1973)
    The principal aim of this paper is to offer a structural analysis of the pattern of food consumption in Ireland over a period of twenty-one years. Such an analysis may also be useful as a basis for projections, although ...

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