Recent Submissions

  • The presence of Porter's sectoral clustering in Irish manufacturing 

    O'Donnellan, Niall (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1994)
    Industrial clustering is seen by Porter (1990) as a dynamic process of national sectoral linkages and regional proximity that can systematically interact and reinforce each other, and which is central to international ...
  • The Irish rural development paradigm : an exploratory analysis 

    Shortall, Sally (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1994)
    This paper examines the recent rural development programmes. It considers the way they use the idea of "community", what is meant by rural development and who benefits from it, and what are the implications for systems of ...
  • Quantifying the non-stationarity in Irish real exchange rates 

    Wright, Jonathan H. (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1993)
    Empirical work, both in Ireland and elsewhere, has found little evidence for the proposition that log-real exchange rates are stationary, implying that the purchasing power parity (PPP) relation cannot hold, not even in a ...
  • Sterling movements and Irish pound interest rates 

    Honohan, Patrick; Conroy, Charles (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1994)
    Despite convergence of inflation to below the system's average, Ireland experienced volatile short-term interest rates in the EMS. Much of the volatility comes from periods of Sterling weakness being associated with higher ...

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