Recent Submissions

  • Towards an agricultural prices index for Ireland 1850-1914 

    Turner, Michael (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1987)
    An Irish agricultural prices index is presented for the period 1850-1914, based upon the shares of various agricultural products in total value added agricultural output. It supersedes a quasi-official construction of 1915 ...
  • Dominant ideologies in Irish educational-thought - consensualism, essentialism and meritocratic individualism 

    Lynch, Kathleen (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1987)
    Through the analysis of the works of Irish (the analysis is confined to the Republic of Ireland) educationalists (over the last 30 years) three prominent ideological paradigms are evident in the literature. The first of ...
  • Measuring patterns of party support in Ireland 

    Laver, Michael (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1987)
    There is no doubt that the use of 'sociological' classes rather than market research categories produces a clearer patterning of party support in Galway West. There is no reason to suppose that this finding would be any ...
  • Familism in Irish capitalism in the 1950s 

    Kelleher, Patricia (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1987)
    This article is concerned with the Ireland of the 1950s and with one segment of the Irish upper class - the Irish business elite. The importance of studying the 1950s lies in the fact that if there is to be an understanding ...

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