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TARA is an open access repository, which means that the full text of the work deposited here is freely accessible to the world via the web. Access is restricted only in unavoidable instances, for example where publisher copyright restrictions prevail. However over 90% of scholarly publishers worldwide now allow some version of the documents they publish to be made available in a repository such as this.

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  • Controlling the resistive switching hysteresis in VO2 thin films via application of pulsed voltage 

    Murtagh, Oisín; Walls, Brian; Shvets, Igor V. (2020)
    We investigate the origin of the variation in resistive switching hysteresis of VO2 thin films. Using pulsed electrical measurements in textured VO2 thin film devices, we show that the hysteresis observed in I–V curves ...
  • Geotechnical properties of compacted biosolids for monofill design, As-Samra, Jordan 

    O'Kelly, Brendan; Oettle, Nicolas K.; Ramos, Jose A. (2020)
    This paper presents the results of a comprehensive geotechnical laboratory testing for the assessment and design of a proposed biosolid monofill facility at the As-Samra Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Jordan. Previous ...
  • Modeling an auditory stimulated brain under altered states of consciousness using the generalized ising model 

    Naci, Lorina; Kandeepan, Sivayini; Rudas, Jorge; Gomez, Francisco; Stojanoski, Bobby; Valluri, Sreeram; Owen, Adrian Mark; Nichols, Emily Sophia; Soddu, Andrea (2020)
    Propofol is a short-acting medication that results in decreased levels of consciousness and is used for general anesthesia. Although it is the most commonly used anesthetic in the world, much remains unknown about the ...
  • Pharmacological Activation of Pyruvate Kinase M2 Inhibits CD4+ T Cell Pathogenicity and Suppresses Autoimmunity 

    Mills, Kingston; Fitzgibbon, Gillian (2020)
    A multitude of diverse microorganisms, termed the microbiota, reside in the gut, respi-ratory tract, skin, and genital tract of humans and other animals. Recent advances inmetagenomic sequencing and bioinformatics have ...
  • Caspase-11 promotes allergic airway inflammation 

    Creagh, Emma; Lavelle, Edward; O'Neill, Luke; Mills, Kingston; Zasłona, Zbigniew; Flis, Ewelina; Wilk, Mieszko M.; Carroll, Richard G.; Palsson-McDermott, Eva M.; Hughes, Mark M.; Diskin, Ciana; Banahan, Kathy; Ryan, Dylan G.; Hooftman, Alexander; Misiak, Alicja; Kearney, Jay; Lochnit, Gunter; Bertrams, Wilhelm; Greulich, Timm; Schmeck, Bernd; McElvaney, Oliver J.; Wygrecka, Małgorzata (2020)
    Activated caspase-1 and caspase-11 induce inflammatory cell death in a process termed pyroptosis. Here we show that Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) inhibits caspase-11-dependent pyroptosis in murine and human macrophages. PGE2 ...

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