Recent Submissions

  • Some evidence on validity of survey results 

    Whelan, B.J.; O Muircheartaigh, C.A. (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1978)
    Data from sample surveys are subject to many sources of error. The most commonly discussed of these are sampling errors i.e., errors in the estimates which arise as a result of not including the whole population in the ...
  • Demand for money function in Ireland - estimation and stability 

    Browne, Francis X.; O'Connell, Thomas (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1978)
    In this paper we specify and estimate a demand for money function for Ireland. This function is then submitted to a stability test using a recently developed technique. The issue of the stability of the demand for money ...
  • Bi-confessionalism in a confessional party system - the Northern Ireland alliance party 

    McAllister, Ian; Wilson, Brian (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1978)
    In a comparative context a bi-polar conflict is rare, especially when it takes the form of a conflict between two intractably opposed and self-sufficient communities ranged around a single, all-pervasive, cleavage. As ...
  • Towards an aggregate production function for Irish agriculture 

    O'Rourke, A.Desmond (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1978)
    Much research effort has been expended in other countries in generating measures of the aggregate production function for the agricultural sector as a means of examining technological relationships between inputs and ...
  • Import dependence of the Irish economy during decade of '60s 

    Farley, Noel J.J. (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1978)
    Was there a movement to growing import dependence in the Irish economy during the 1960s? Why? These are the central questions for which answers will be sought in this paper. Various measures of import dependence will be ...

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