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  • Who supported the land war - an aggregate-data analysis of irish agrarian discontent, 1879-1882 

    Orridge, Aw (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1981)
    Correlation and regression of aggregate data for Irish counties is used to investigate the social and economic environment of the Land League and the Land War between 1879 and 1882. Existing hypotheses are outlined, linked ...
  • Socioeconomic aspects of anti-semitism in ireland, 1880-1905 

    Moore, G (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1981)
    Sociological research in Ireland is committed to an unhealthy reliance on survey analysis tech-niques. The major defect of such an approach is that the insights of historical and comparative approaches are frequently absent. ...
  • Irish migration, all or nothing resolved 

    Keenan, Jg (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1981)
    Some issues concerning the data are first discussed. Various migration equations for Ireland are estimated and the coefficient differences explained. Despite having a large proportion of explained variation the coefficient ...
  • Monetarism in ireland - a simple statistical approach 

    Geary, R.C. (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1981)
    This paper deals with the relationship in Ireland between money and prices during the period since 1960. It is shown that the causal relationship is from money to prices very much more than the other way about. Chain of ...
  • Input-substitution and technical change in irish agriculture - 1953-1977 

    Boyle, G. E. (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1981)
    This paper seeks to find explanations for agriculture's changing resource structure over the past 25 years, using the framework of neoclassical production theory. The translog functional form was used to estimate the factor ...

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