Recent Submissions

  • Hall-Roeger tests of market power in Irish manufacturing industries 

    Boyle, G. E. (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2004)
    The Hall-Roeger methodology for the testing of market power is applied to Irish manufacturing industries for the period 1991-1999. The paper adapts their methodology to permit discrimination between input and output-price-based ...
  • Inflation and money growth: evidence from a multi-country data-set 

    Frain, John C. (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2004)
    Using a multi-country data set strong correlation are found between average growth rates of monetary aggregates and average inflation. The correlation remains strong when countries with higher average inflation rates are ...
  • Persistent puzzles in international finance and economics 

    Aggarwal, Raj (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2004)
    As the title of this lecture suggests, I plan to talk about selected puzzles in international finance and economics. These puzzles include deviations from theoretical values that are observed in spot and forward markets ...
  • Farm forestry investment in Ireland under uncertainty 

    Wiemers, Emily; Behan, Jasmina (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2004)
    This paper develops a model to explain farmers? decision to move from agricultural activities to forestry. Farmers in Ireland have strong links with land and are reluctant to enter into forestry even when the returns from ...
  • Irish public service broadcasting: a contingent valuation analysis 

    Delaney, Liam; O'Toole, Francis (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2004)
    Irish public service broadcasting faces enhanced domestic and international competition and increasingly the Irish public service broadcaster (RTE) is being called upon to justify the scale of the television licence fee, ...
  • Does outsourcing increase profitability? 

    Gorg, Holger; Hanley, Aoife (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2004)
    We investigate the relationship between outsourcing and profitability paying particular attention to the endogeneity of outsourcing. The empirical analysis uses unique plant level data for the electronics sector in Ireland. ...

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