Recent Submissions

  • Introduction to the Special Issue 

    Neary, J. Peter (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2006)
    Brendan Walsh retired in May 2005 from the Chair of Applied Economics and the National Economics of Ireland which he had held at University College Dublin since 1980. During that time his academic and popular writings ...
  • Publications of Brendan M. Walsh 

    Walsh, Brendan M. (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2006)
    Publications of Brendan M. Walsh
  • An interview with Brendan Walsh 

    Neary, J. Peter (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2006)
    An interview with Brendan Walsh
  • Mobility and gender at the top tail of the earnings distribution 

    Finnie, Ross; Irvine, Ian (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2006)
    The increasing share of the top fractile in the earnings distributions of several Anglo- Saxon heritage economies since the 1970s has been dramatic, and well documented. To date, however, little is known about the ...
  • Macroeconomic performance and the design of public pension programmes 

    Disney, Richard (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2006)
    I examine the impact of the design of the Irish public pension programme on two dimensions of Ireland?s macroeconomic performance: employment and the average saving rate. Two facets of the programme might affect these ...
  • Ireland in EMU: more shocks, less insulation? 

    Honohan, Patrick; Leddin, Anthony J. (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2006)
    Despite anchoring the Irish monetary system to a common zone-wide exchange rate and interest rate, EMU has triggered sizeable exchange rate and especially interest rate shocks to the Irish economy (albeit not appreciably ...
  • A theoretical growth model for Ireland 

    Barry, Frank; Devereux, Michael B. (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2006)
    Ireland is distinguished by the high degree of openness of its labour market and the importance of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the economy. We develop a neo-classical growth model to explore the consequence of these ...
  • Measuring competitiveness 

    Neary, J. Peter (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2006)
    This paper reviews alternative approaches to measuring an economy?s cost competitiveness and proposes some new measures inspired by the economic theory of index numbers. The indices provide a theoretical benchmark for ...
  • Ireland's great depression 

    Ahearne, Alan; Kydland, Finn; Wynne, Mark A. (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2006)
    We argue that Ireland experienced a great depression in the 1980s comparable in severity to the better known and more studied depression episodes of the interwar period. Using the business cycle accounting framework of ...
  • Dublin Jewish demography a century ago 

    O Grada, Cormac (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 2006)
    This paper examines the demography of Ireland?s Jewish community a century ago. Its focus is on Dublin Jewry, then mainly a community of immigrants from the Tsarist Empire and their children. It compares the marital ...

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