Recent Submissions

  • Tourism and development in Ballyhoura: Women's business? 

    O'Connor, Patrick (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1995)
    Tourism and other kinds of local development have become important elements in generating employment in rural Ireland. Yet, despite a commitment to local participation and to gender auditing, women are typically under-represented ...
  • Social class, class awareness and political beliefs in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland 

    Hayes, Bernadette C.; McAllister, Ian (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1995)
    Although Ireland, North and South, is usually considered sui generis in the literature of comparative politics, there has been debate about the socio-economic bases of the parties in the Republic of Ireland. This paper ...
  • The influence of sterling on Irish interest rates 

    Thom, Rodney (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1995)
    The influence of the Sterling real exchange rate on the Irish-German interest rate differential is assessed over the period 1987 to 1992. The estimation allows for structural change by permitting time variation in the ...
  • Models of Irish tobacco consumption 

    Conniffe, Denis (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1995)
    This paper estimates several econometric models of tobacco consumption, employing Irish annual time series data. The approaches examined include the recently developed rational addiction model and a two-component model ...

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