Recent Submissions

  • Fiscal policy and demand management in Ireland 1960-70 

    Ryan, L (Economic and Social Research Institute, DUBLIN, 1971)
    This paper discusses fiscal policy and the management of the Irish economy during the years 1960-70. The role of fiscal policy in demand management, as most economists would probably nowadays see it, is described in Section ...
  • Economic specification of neoclassical production function - case study 

    Ross, M (Economic and Social Research Institute, DUBLIN, 1971)
    A production function may be defined as the mathematical expression of the technological information which relates the quantities of inputs to quantities of outputs. As such, the concept is perfectly general and a specific ...
  • Observations on age at marriage in Dublin, related to social status and social mobility 

    Hutchins, B (Economic and Social Research Institute, DUBLIN, 1971)
    The years since the Second World War have been characterised by a general decline in mean age at marriage in the Western world: people are marrying at earlier ages than was usual in the immediate past. Ireland has proved ...
  • Output, prices and productivity in Irish sheltered and exposed transportable goods industries, 1953-1967 

    Hughes, JG (Economic and Social Research Institute, DUBLIN, 1971)
    In a paper on price and income determination in the Norwegian economy, Aukrust classifies industries as being either sheltered or exposed. He defines exposed industries as 'those which market their products abroad, or on ...
  • Science, technology and development 

    Cooper, Charles (Economic and Social Research Institute, DUBLIN, 1971)
    The purpose of these two papers is to discuss hypotheses which may help to explain the limited growth of science and technology in the under-developed economies, and to explain also the restricted social function of science ...

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