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  • Time Travel and Counterfactual Asymmetry 

    Fernandes, Alison (Springer, 2020)
    We standardly evaluate counterfactuals and abilities in temporally asymmetric terms—by keeping the past fixed and holding the future open. Only future events depend counterfactually on what happens now. Past events do ...
  • Ideas and Explanation in Early Modern Philosophy 

    Pearce, Kenneth (De Gruyter, 2019)
    Malebranche argues that ideas are representative beings existing in God. He defends this thesis by an inference to the best explanation of human perception. It is well known that Malebranche’s theory of vision in God ...
  • On the disunity of the sciences and Ceteris Paribus laws 

    Tobin, Emma (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Philosophy Department, 2006)
    This thesis examines the claim that the sciences are disunified. Chapter 1 outlines and introduces different accounts of the stratification of the sciences in the literature, in particular, Unificationism, Disunificationism, ...
  • Anscombe's philosophy of action and its origins 

    Meagher, Terence (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Philosophy Department, 2006)
    G. E. M. Anscombe's work is seminal to action theory. Her major work in this area, Intention, first published in 1957, has been very influential in shaping the modern debate on issues such as the nature of action, the ...
  • Quine between Russell's extreme realism and Carnap's extreme relativism : a coherent alternative? 

    Forde, Alan (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Philosophy Department, 2006)
    In the philosophical literature of the past century few if any philosophers present a greater wealth of ideas or pose more important problems than W. V. Quine. In spite of the diversity of his contributions to philosophy, ...

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