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  • Exploring people s beliefs about the experience of time 

    Fernandes, Alison (2020)
    Philosophical debates about the metaphysics of time typically revolve around two contrasting views of time. On the A-theory, time is something that itself undergoes change, as captured by the idea of the passage of time; ...
  • Pain in the Past and Pleasure in the Future: The Development of Past Future Preferences for Hedonic Goods 

    Fernandes, Alison (2020)
    It seems self‐evident that people prefer painful experiences to be in the past and pleasurable experiences to lie in the future. Indeed, it has been claimed that, for hedonic goods, this preference is absolute (Sullivan, ...
  • The Impact of Anocracy on Terrorism: A Mixed-Method Approach 

    CHHABRA, SOMYA (Trinity College Dublin. School of Social Sciences & Philosophy. Discipline of Political Science, 2020)
    In this dissertation, the impact of anocracy on terrorism is examined. Intuitively, anocratic states or states with mixed regime features have been associated with greater terrorism, indicating that regime type has an ...
  • Removing Rubbish and Laying Foundations: Berkeley's Solution to the Sceptical Problem 

    WEST, PETER (Trinity College Dublin. School of Social Sciences & Philosophy. Discipline of Philosophy, 2020)
    In this dissertation, I argue that while Berkeley can and should be characterised as an idealist, an immaterialist, and an anti-abstractionist, he is, above all, an anti-representationalist thinker. My contention is that ...
  • Peter Browne on the Metaphysics of Knowledge 

    Pearce, Kenneth (2020)
    The central unifying element in the philosophy of Peter Browne (d. 1735) is his theory of analogy. Although Browne's theory was originally developed to deal with some problems about religious language, Browne regards analogy ...

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