Recent Submissions

  • Vectors and Beyond: Geometric Algebra and its Philosophical Significance 

    SIMONS, PETER (2009)
    An account of the history and recent revival of geometric algebra (first invented in the 19th century but later sidelined by vector theory), together with reflections on its importance for the philosophy of mathematics.
  • Formalism 

    SIMONS, PETER (Elsevier, 2009)
    Formalism is a philosophical theory of the foundations of mathematics that had a spectacular but brief heyday in the 1920s. After a long preparation in the work of several mathematicians and philosophers, it was brought ...
  • Bochenski and Balance: System and History in Analytic Philosophy 

    SIMONS, PETER (Academia, 2011)
    This paper praises, upholds and justifies the balance found in Bochenski's philosophical writings between a systematic interest in theoretical questions and a purely historical approach to philosophy. The drawbacks of the ...
  • Conscience - an essay in moral psychology 

    The ultimate aim of this essay is to suggest that conscience is a very important part of human psychology and of our moral point of view, not something that can be dismissed as merely `a part of Christian theology?. The ...
  • A Short Glossary of Metaphysics 

    SIMONS, PETER (Routledge, 2009)
    NOTE: Many of the words in this glossary have everyday meanings which are different from these. We give only the more specialized philosophical meanings. JOHNSONIAN HEALTH WARNING: like all glossaries and dictionaries, ...

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