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  • Falsificationism and Theory Adjudication : a critical rationalist critique of justificationist theories of science 

    Clarke, Steven William (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Philosophy Department, 2014)
    My aim in this thesis is to present a critique of the currently dominant approach to this problem, the broad-ranging epistemological position described herein as "justificationism." This critique of justificationism—the ...
  • What does it mean to say that truth is plural? 

    Antonsen, Paal (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Philosophy Department, 2014)
    This essay is an attempt to make sense of idea that truth is plural. I begin with presenting some motivations for pluralism about truth. I then move on to discuss the standard objections, and give some arguments for why ...
  • Plato's Theory of Perception 

    Larsen, Peter D. (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Philosophy Department, 2012)
    This dissertation defends the view that in a number of later dialogues (Theaetetus, Philebus, Timaeus, Sophist, as well as, incidentally, the earlier Phaedo) Plato articulates a coherent and systematic account, and thus a ...
  • Idealist philosophy of space : Kant's criticism of Berkeley 

    Storrie, Stefan (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Philosophy Department, 2009)
    In this thesis I have argued that Kant and Berkeley both took our experience of things in space to be real and veridical. Further, and what I take to be the most striking conclusion from this thesis, is that in fact these ...
  • The philosophical dialogues and dramas of Ernest Renan 

    Lillie, Elizabeth M. (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Philosophy Department, 1973)

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