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  • A mechanism for bistability in glycosylation 

    Mc Donald, Andrew; Tipton, Keith; Davey, Gavin (2018)
    Glycosyltransferases are a class of enzymes that catalyse the posttranslational modification of proteins to produce a large number of glycoconjugate acceptors from a limited number of nucleotide-sugar donors. The products ...
  • Raising the bar in anticancer therapy:recent advances in, and perspectives on, telomerase inhibitors 

    Zisterer, Daniela; Saraswati, A Prasanth; Relitti, Nicola; Brindisi, Margherita; Gemma, Sandra; Butini, Stefania; Campiani, Giuseppe (2019)
    Telomerase is a ribonucleic reverse transcriptase enzyme that uses an integral RNA component as a template to add tandem telomeric DNA repeats, TTAGGG, at the 3′ end of the chromosomes. 85–90% of human tumors and their ...
  • Competition for nutrients; an emerging role in controlling immune responses 

    Finlay, David; Kedia-Mehta, Nidhi (2019)
    Changes in cellular metabolism are associated with the activation of diverse immune subsets. These changes are fuelled by nutrients including glucose, amino acids and fatty acids, and are closely linked to immune cell fate ...
  • Akt and STAT5 mediate naïve human CD4+ T-cell early metabolic response to TCR stimulation 

    Finlay, David; Jones, Nicholas; Vincent, Emma E.; Cronin, James G.; Panetti, Silvia; Chambers, Megan; Holm, Sean R.; Owens, Sian E.; Francis, Nigel J.; Thornton, Catherine A. (2019)
    Metabolic pathways that regulate T-cell function show promise as therapeutic targets in diverse diseases. Here, we show that at rest cultured human effector memory and central memory CD4+ T-cells have elevated levels of ...
  • Malonylation of GAPDH is an inflammatory signal in macrophages 

    O'Neill, Luke; Galván-Peña, Silvia; Carroll, Richard G.; Newman, Carla; Hinchy, Elizabeth C.; Palsson-McDermott, Eva; Robinson, Elektra K.; Covarrubias, Sergio; Nadin, Alan; James, Andrew M.; Haneklaus, Moritz; Carpenter, Susan; Kelly, Vincent P.; Murphy, Michael P.; Modis, Louise K. (2019)
    Macrophages undergo metabolic changes during activation that are coupled to functional responses. The gram negative bacterial product lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is especially potent at driving metabolic reprogramming, enhancing ...

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