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  • History and Identity in Restoration Ireland, 1660-91 

    Greaney, James Michael (Trinity College Dublin. School of Histories & Humanities. Discipline of History, 2022)
    This thesis demonstrates how history mattered in the politics and society of seventeenth-century Ireland, how authors used the distant past in their arguments about the post-Restoration political and religious settlement ...
  • The Uses of Cultural Heritage of Port Cities in Post-Industrial Societies, c.1980-2020 

    Yang, Zhen (Trinity College Dublin. School of Histories & Humanities. Discipline of History, 2022)
    Cultural Heritage of Port Cities (CHPC) is a symbol and reflection of how people interact with the sea. It comprises both material (e.g. docklands, landscapes) and immaterial aspects (e.g. lifestyle and activities of local ...
  • A Thirteenth-Century Latin List of Ptolemaic Coordinates 

    Nothaft, Carl (2022)
    This article makes the argument that a Latin table of geographic coordinates, copied in Italy in the second half of the thirteenth century (MS Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Ashburnham 211, fol. 260r), is derived ...
  • Sidereal Astrology in Medieval Europe (Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries): Traces of a Forgotten Tradition 

    Nothaft, Carl (2021)
    Sets of astronomical tables available in Latin Europe during the Middle Ages can be classified based on whether they imitated Ptolemy in using a tropical zodiac for displaying planetary mean motions or followed an Indian ...
  • Women and reading in fin-de-siècle Ireland 

    Yatani, Mai (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of History, 2017)
    There is a general understanding that women at the turn of the twentieth century operated under the strict guidance of male authority, and women's reading activities are no exception. Existing studies, which are strongly ...

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