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  • The Double Binds of Indigeneity and Indigenous Resistance 

    LUDLOW, FRANCIS (2016)
    During the twentieth century, indigenous peoples have often embraced the category of indigenous while also having to face the ambiguities and limitations of this concept. Indigeneity, whether represented by indigenous ...
  • Dublin Quakers in business 1800-1850 

    Harrison, Richard S. (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of History, 1988)
    The quakers, otherwise known as members of the Religious' Society of Friends are popularly renowned for the part they have played in the establishment of numerous business and philanthropic schemes in whatever parts they ...
  • Hitler as military commander : from Blau to Edelweiß, January - November 1942 

    Donohue, Alan (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of History, 2015)
    The following thesis addresses the role of Adolf Hitler as a military commander from a subjective point of view. It deals with his strategy in relation to the war against the Soviet Union in 1942 as well as his operational ...
  • Defend-protect-support : the evolution of the Irish Military 1956-1978 

    Campbell, Niamh (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of History, 2014)
    This thesis is a study of the evolution of Irish Defence Forces from the period 1956 until 1978. The Coxian approach was used to provide a conceptual framework. Coxian historicism questions how the prevailing system developed ...

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