Recent Submissions

  • Consumption and Material Culture in Sixteenth-Century Ireland 

    FLAVIN, SUSAN (University of Bristol, University of Bristol, 2011)
    This thesis argues that Irish consumption underwent major changes over the course of the sixteenth century, based primarily on evidence from eleven annual Bristol `particular? accounts and Port Books. The study uses the ...
  • Factionalism and noble power in English Ireland, c 1361-1423 

    CROOKS, PETER (Trinity College Dublin, School of Histories and Humanities, 2007)
    This thesis offers a reappraisal of noble power and political culture in the English colony in Ireland in the late middle ages. It seeks to move beyond narrowly-conceived studies of the colony?s chief governors and ...
  • Dublin 1600-1800 : a study in urban morphogenesis 

    Burke, Nuala T. (School of Histories and Humanities, 1972)
    From the year 1600 Dublin City, for so long cramped behind its medieval walls and towers, began to grow and transform, to expand, and to evolve through two centuries of sustained development into a 'splendid and luxurious ...

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