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    • Unfinished business: Thomas Duff of Newry 

      Casey, Christine (2020)
      The Festschrift is the friend of unfinished research relegated to shelf or drawer, too hard-won and engaging to be forgotten. The date ‘24th April 1985’ is inscribed on a manuscript transcription made at ...
    • The Museum Building's radical polychromy 

      Casey, Christine (Four Courts Press, 2019)
      The radical polychromy of the Museum Building at Trinity College Dublin did not emerge Minerva-like from the brow of Benajmin Woodward, but rather from an imbrication of architecture, geology and engineering ...
    • Introduction 

      Casey, Christine (Four Courts Press, 2019)
      The Museum Building of Trinity College Dublin is an acknowledged masterpiece of Gothic revival architecture and the single-most influential building of the Victorian period in Ireland. Its genesis and erection ...
    • The architectural sources for the Museum Building 

      Tierney, Andrew (Four Courts Press, 2019)
      If the purpose of this research project, as stated by Christine Casey at the start of this book, is to highlight the process of making (rather than meaning), then we must query the ‘making’ that went into the design itself. ...
    • Reviving the Artisan Sculptor: The Role of Ruskin, Science and Art Education 

      Tierney, Andrew (Four Courts Press, 2019)
      On meeting the O’Sheas in Oxford Ruskin saw them as the ideal of the savage northern workmen, obstinate and generous who by natural instinct brought a fluidity, freshness and life to their work. Dr Henry Acland, ...

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