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  • Schelling's Conjecture on Climate and Development: A Test 

    ANTHOFF, DAVID; TOL, RICHARD S. J. (ESRI, 10/06/2011)
    We use the integrated assessment model FUND to compute the income elasticities of climate change impacts for different world regions over time. We find limited support for Schelling?s Conjecture that development might be ...
  • Selling State Assets: Three Options 

    Under the EU/IMF Programme for Financial Support for Ireland, the government undertook to consider the potential for disposing of State assets. In the 2011 Programme for Government a target of up to ?2 billion was set for ...
  • Sentencing in Criminal Cartel Cases in Ireland: the Duffy Judgment 

    Despite 33 convictions of individuals and firms for criminal cartel offences in Ireland since 1996, there is only one reported judgment. The paper examines the Duffy judgment concerning a member of the Citroen motor vehicle ...
  • Shapley Values for Assessing Research Production and Impact of Schools and Scholars 

    TOL, RICHARD S. J. (ESRI, 2011)
    Performance measures of individual scholars tend to ignore the context. I introduce contextualised metrics: cardinal and ordinal pseudo-Shapley values that measure a scholar??s contribution to (perhaps power over) her own ...
  • Should Coal Replace Coal? Options for the Irish Electricity Market 

    WALSH, DARRAGH M (ESRI, 20/03/2012)
    The Moneypoint coal plant is nearing the end of its useful life and will need to be replaced. For Moneypoint's replacement, we consider different types of baseload technologies: coal plants with and without carbon capture, ...
  • Simulating Demand for Electrical Vehicles using Revealed Preference Data 

    LYONS, SE?N (2012)
    We have modelled the market for new cars in Ireland with the aim of quantifying the values placed on a range of observable car characteristics. Mid-sized petrol cars with a manual transmission sell best. Price and perhaps ...
  • A Smart Integrated Network for an Offshore Island 

    Denny, Eleanor (2013)
    This article examines the potential to create an energy independent smart network for an island community utilizing ocean and wind energy. The analysis involves the simulation of an extensive electrification of the heat ...
  • Social Capital and Savings Behaviour: Evidence from Vietnam 

    NEWMAN, CAROL (2011-05-29)
    We explore the extent to which social capital can play a role in imparting information about the returns to saving where potential knowledge gaps and mistrust exists. Using data from Vietnam we find strong evidence to ...
  • The Social Cost of Carbon 

    TOL, RICHARD S. J. (ESRI, 28/02/2011)
    This paper surveys the literature on the economic impact of climate change. Different methods have been used to estimate the impact of climate change on human welfare. Studies agree that there are positive and negative ...
  • Socioeconomic Distribution of Emissions and Resource Use in Ireland 

    TOL, RICHARD S. J.; LYONS, SEAN (ESRI, 01/03/2012)
    This paper uses the ESRI's ISus model to explore the distributional differences in emissions by household type. Most greenhouse gas and metal emissions are emitted via indirect means, although direct sources of emissions ...
  • The spread of rents in Ireland, over time and space 

    Lyons, Ronan (Institute of Public Administration, 2014)
  • The Structural Balance for Ireland 

  • Switching benefits and costs in the Irish health insurance market: an analysis of consumer surveys 

    KEEGAN, CONOR; Teljeur, Conor; Turner, Brian; THomas, Steve (2018)
    Relatively little analysis has taken place internationally on the consumer-reported benefits and costs to switching insurer in multi-payer health insurance markets. Ideally, consumers should be willing to switch out of ...
  • Tax and Taxable Capacity: Ireland in Comparative Perspective 

  • Tax Expenditures: Revenue and Information Forgone - The Experience of Ireland 

    COLLINS, MICHEAL (Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin, 2011)
    Tax expenditures are perceived to represent a `pervasive and growing? (OECD, 2010) element of many national taxation systems. Despite this, in many countries, there remains a critical lack of understanding of their ...
  • Tax, Welfare and Work Incentives 

    CALLAN, TIM (ESRI, 2011)
    Over the last decade Irish tax policy has undergone dramatic shifts. As the economy boomed in the early 2000s, income tax rates were reduced, tax credits were increased and the standard rate band was widened. Social welfare ...
  • Technology transfers, foreign investment and productivity spillovers 

    Newman, Carol (2015)
    This paper explores the relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and the productivity of host country domestic firms. We rely on a specially designed survey of over 4000 manufacturing firms in Vietnam, and ...
  • Telecommunications Consumers: A Behavioural Economic Analysis 

    LUNN, PETE (ESRI, 12/12/2011)
    This paper argues that telecommunications markets present the consumer with a decision-making environment that is particularly likely to be prone to established biases in consumer decision-making. The analysis identifies ...
  • Testing the 'brain gain' hypothesis: Micro evidence from Cape Verde 

    BATISTA, CATIA; VICENTE, PEDRO (Elsevier, 2011)
    Does emigration really drain human capital accumulation in origin countries? This paper explores a unique household survey purposely designed and conducted to answer this research question. We analyze the case of Cape ...
  • The Energy and Environment Review 2010 

    The Energy and Environment Review 2010 reviews trends in energy use and emissions to the environment for the period 1990-2008 and projects these trends for the period 2009-2025. We show results for two alternative ...