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  • The impact of electoral systems upon the behaviour of members of parliament 

    Mjekiqi, Shqipe (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Political Science, 2015)
    This thesis examines the impact of electoral systems on the way Members of Parliament (MPs) behave as measured both in terms of Parliamentary Party Group (PPG) unity and constituency links. The main argument is that electoral ...
  • Essays in quantitative economic history 

    McDonagh, John M. N. (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Economics, 2014)
    The thesis explores three historical questions using novel datasets and the most up to date econometric methods available. The thesis is motivated by the growing success of economic history in addressing a range of issues ...
  • Essays on regulatory instuments : leniency and anti-dumping 

    Marvão, Catarina (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Economics, 2014)
    In this thesis I explore two specific regulatory instruments, from a theoretical standpoint and from an empirical perspective. In particular, I address the regulation of leniency in relation to EU and US cartels and the ...
  • Illusion and disillusion in a development organisation 

    Mancey O'Brien, Lorraine (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Sociology, 2015)
    This thesis focuses on a development donor organisation in the Republic of Ireland which embarked upon a project to become a learning organisation with a team from Trinity College Dublin. This thesis explores an area that ...
  • The part-time soul : case studies in the management of culture and flexibility in Irish retail 

    Tormey, Roland (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Sociology, 2000)
    Post-modem organisational analysis claims to have identified a post-modern organisational form. This new organisational form is alleged to be non-bureaucratic, flexible, opaque in organisation and to involve the management ...

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