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  • Modelling the dynamics of the term structure of interest rates 

    Steeley, James M. (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1990)
    In order to provide tractable bond pricing formulae, the arbitrage theories of the term structure make specific assumptions as to the number, identity and process generating the underlying forcing variables. This paper ...
  • The causes of Ireland's unemployment 

    Newell, Andrew; Symons, J. (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1990)
    We outline a small model of the Irish labour market and use it to explain what has happened over the last 10 years. We conclude that Irish unemployment problems in the 1980s were due to international demand-side factors, ...
  • Hedging with the IFOX Long Gilt Future: A note 

    Hogan, John (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1990)
    Traditional theory emphasises the risk avoidance potential of futures. An alternative hypothesis (Working's hypotheses) emphasised expected profit maximisation. Portfolio theory is a combination of the first two hypothesis, ...
  • Capital adequacy requirements, deposit insurance and bank behaviour 

    McKenzie, George (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1990)
    As financial market regulations have been eliminated over the past decade, the fragility of the international financial system has been exposed. In turn, this has generated interest in the design of prudential regulations ...
  • Money demand in Ireland 1972-1989: a dynamic equation 

    Hurley, Margaret; Guiomard, Cathal (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1990)
    The relationship between the demand for real money and its principal determinants is the vital link by which the actions of the monetary authorities affect the real economy. The estimation of money demand functions that ...