Recent Submissions

  • Guidance to an Independent Adult Life 

    Aston, Desmond (National Centre for Guidance in Education, 2021)
    In this article, Des Aston of the Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities (TCPID), provides an insightful reflection on Post-School Transitions for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in the The ...
  • Supporting quality in science communication: insights from the QUEST project 

    Roche, Joseph (2021)
    The promotion of quality is a critical aspect to consider in the re-examination of science communication. This problem is analysed in the research carried out by the QUEST project, as featured in this paper. Engaging key ...
  • The trouble with STEAM and why we use it anyway 

    Roche, Joseph (2021)
    As an emerging field of theory, research, and practice, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) has received attention for its efforts to incorporate the arts into the rubric of STEM (Science, ...
  • Quality indicators for science communication: results from a collaborative concept mapping exercise 

    Roche, Joseph (2021)
    Although the need to improve quality of science communication is often mentioned in public discussions, the science communication literature offers few conceptualizations of quality. We used a concept mapping approach, ...
  • The landscape of European science communication 

    Roche, Joseph (2021)
    European science communication project QUEST surveyed and reviewed different aspects of European science communication, including science journalism, teaching and training in science communication, social media activity, ...

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