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  • Functional assessment of non-coding regulatory variants in familial breast cancer 

    O'BRIEN, CAROL (Trinity College Dublin. School of Genetics & Microbiology. Discipline of Genetics, 2020)
    Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Irish women, with almost 3,000 cases diagnosed every year. It often runs in families, and some women inherit a greater risk of developing the disease. Landmark studies on these ...
  • Insufficient Evidence for "Autism-Specific" Genes 

    Mitchell, Kevin; Challman, Thomas D.; Bernier, Raphael; Bourgeron, Thomas; Chung, Wendy K.; Constantino, John N.; Eichler, Evan E.; Jacquemont, Sebastien; Miller, David T.; Zoghbi, Huda Y.; Martin, Christa Lese; Ledbetter, David H. (2020)
    Despite evidence that deleterious variants in the same genes are implicated across multiple neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders, there has been considerable interest in identifying genes that, when mutated, ...
  • Getting a gRIP on Flu by Casting the DAI 

    MARTIN, SEAMUS; Clancy, Danielle M. (2016)
  • De novo emergence of adaptive membrane proteins from thymine-rich genomic sequences 

    Mc Lysaght, Aoife (2020)
    Recent evidence demonstrates that novel protein-coding genes can arise de novo from non- genic loci. This evolutionary innovation is thought to be facilitated by the pervasive translation of non-genic transcripts, which ...
  • Faster Evolving Primate Genes Are More Likely to Duplicate 

    Mc Lysaght, Aoife; O'Toole, Áine N.; Hurst, Laurence D. (2018)
    An attractive and long-standing hypothesis regarding the evolution of genes after duplication posits that the duplication event creates new evolutionary possibilities by releasing a copy of the gene from constraint. Apparent ...

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