Recent Submissions

  • Cardiovascular associations of falls and syncope in the elderly 

    BHANGU, JASPREET SINGH (Trinity College Dublin. School of Medicine. CentreFor Medical Gerontology, 2017)
    The principle aims of this doctoral investigation are to provide new insights into the relationship between cardiovascular disease (CVD) and falls in the elderly population in Ireland. The rapidly ageing global demographic ...
  • An investigation of epigenetic effects in Atherosclerosis 

    Byrne, Mikaela (Trinity College Dublin. School of Medicine. Discipline of Clinical Medicine, 2017)
    Epigenetic mechanisms may explain some of the missing heritability associated with CVD and how external factors such as diet, environment and lifestyle contribute to disease development and progression. This thesis aimed ...
  • The structure and dynamics of the lithosphere beneath Tibet from seismic surface-wave analysis 

    Agius, Matthew R. (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Geology, 2013)
    Despite the numerous studies undertaken to investigate the underlying structures beneath the Tibetan Plateau, fundamental questions about the mechanism of lithospheric convergence between India and Asia (establishing if ...
  • Towards data-driven magnetic materials discovery 

    ZIC, MARIO (Trinity College Dublin. School of Physics. Discipline of Physics, 2017)
    Magnetic materials underpin many of the technologies that define the world we live in. Despite the tremendous technological progress, the discovery of new magnetic materials has been rather slow. In this Thesis we explore ...
  • Synthesis and raman characterisation of transition metal dichalcogenides 

    O'BRIEN, MARIA (Trinity College Dublin. School of Chemistry. Discipline of Chemistry, 2017)
    In recent years there has been an increased interest in layered materials such as Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs). When isolated in their monolayer form, they are essentially a 2D material, with unique properties. ...

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