This community contains research theses submitted by graduates of Trinity College Dublin.

In 2016 the Library embarked on a large digitisation project of PhD theses (selected from date range 2000-2015) and will be uploading more than 2,000 as open access e-theses later in 2016.

Graduates if you wish for your thesis to be included in TARA, First check if your thesis has been selected for scanning in 2016. If you are not on the 2016 scan list but would like to contribute a pdf copy of your thesis, we would love to hear from you!

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From September 2016 onwards an eTheses submission system will be implemented College-wide for all Schools and all research theses.

TARA (Trinity's Access to Research Archive) has a robust takedown policy. If you have concerns about having your thesis available on the Internet

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Recent Submissions

  • Elemental and isotope fingerprint of metal deficiency in soils 

    SUHR, NILS THORSTEN (Trinity College Dublin. School of Natural Sciences. Discipline of Geology, 2018)
    Metal deficiency in soils is a frequently observed phenomenon in (sub)-tropical regions, and both natural and anthropogenic processes contribute to the depletion of soil reservoirs. Advanced chemical weathering, in old ...
  • Diffusion within fluorite structured materials and the effect of defects 

    Plunkett, Aoife (Trinity College Dublin. School of Chemistry. Discipline of Chemistry, 2018)
    There is a current global movement toward renewable sources and away from non- renewable energy sources. This can be attributed to the limited resources and harmful effects, both economic and environmental, of non-renewables. ...
  • Essays in applied microeconomics and development: an examination of micro, small and medium enterprises in Vietnam 

    Newman, Carol; Grattan Scholarship (Trinity College Dublin. School of Social Sciences & Philosophy. Discipline of Economics, 2018)
    This thesis contains three essays that analyse and provide insight into the topics of social capital and political connections, access to finance and domestic exporting spillovers. For each topic, this thesis considers ...
  • Molecular Organisation in “de Vries” Smectic Liquid Crystals: Characterisation and Theory 

    SWAMINATHAN, VIGNESHWARAN (Trinity College Dublin. School of Engineering. Discipline of Electronic & Elect. Engineering, 2018)
    The study of anomalous temperature dependence of smectic layer thickness began fifty years ago. Liquid crystals exhibiting such properties were later classified as de Vries smectic liquid crystals. In this thesis I have ...
  • Numerical modelling of directional solidification in metal alloys 

    BATTAGLIOLI, SARA (Trinity College Dublin. School of Engineering. Discipline of Mechanical & Manuf. Eng, 2018)
    Manufacturing routes for metal alloy components often involve solidification processes. In order to obtain a product that meets given requirements in terms of mechanical properties, the ability to predict the grain structure ...

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