This community contains research theses submitted by graduates of Trinity College Dublin.

In 2016 the Library embarked on a large digitisation project of PhD theses (selected from date range 2000-2015) and will be uploading more than 2,000 as open access e-theses later in 2016.

Graduates if you wish for your thesis to be included in TARA, First check if your thesis has been selected for scanning in 2016. If you are not on the 2016 scan list but would like to contribute a pdf copy of your thesis, we would love to hear from you!

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From September 2016 onwards an eTheses submission system will be implemented College-wide for all Schools and all research theses.

TARA (Trinity's Access to Research Archive) has a robust takedown policy. If you have concerns about having your thesis available on the Internet

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Recent Submissions

  • Developing Skills and Confidence in Non-Formal Education 

    Sullivan, Kevin (Trinity College Dublin. School of Computer Science & Statistics. Discipline of Computer Science, 2022)
    There is a growing recognition of the value of 21st century (21C) skills for modern learners, and many education systems are seeking to employ strategies to help their students develop those skills. This push is based on ...

    Mahon, James Henry (Trinity College Dublin. School of Medicine. Discipline of Clinical Medicine, 2022)
    Introduction: Osteoporotic hip fractures are common in older adults and are responsible for significant morbidity and mortality. Structured geriatric care for older adults with hip fracture is known to improve outcomes. A ...
  • Beyond Mission: Willibrord as a Political Actor between Early Medieval Ireland, Britain and Merovingian Francia (690-739) 

    Summer, Michel (Trinity College Dublin. School of Histories & Humanities. Discipline of History, 2022)
    The thesis reassesses the activity of the Northumbrian cleric Willibrord (658 739) on the continent between 690 and 739. Traditionally, Willibrord has been perceived as the first representative of a new wave of Anglo-Saxon ...
  • Prison Law: Prisoner Experiences of Accountability Mechanisms in Ireland 

    Van Der Valk, Sophie (Trinity College Dublin. School of Law. Discipline of Law, 2022)
    Despite the growth in bodies which play a role in prison accountability, limited data exists on how prisoners experience structures set up to achieve accountability, in particular inspection and monitoring bodies, and those ...
  • Chemical biology studies on human and mouse secondary bile acids 

    Lu, Yin (Trinity College Dublin. School of Pharmacy & Pharma. Sciences. Discipline of Pharmacy, 2022)
    Bile acids are important regulators of multiple homeostatic mechanisms integrating cell proliferation, metabolism and inflammation. The overall objective of this thesis was to use chemical biology tools to understand ...

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