Prof. Edwin C. Rae was Professor of the History of Art at the University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana. During World War II he was Fine Arts Chief for the military government in Bavaria and responsible for returning thousands of art objects looted from conquered countries by the Germans. The subject of his Harvard Ph.D dissertation however, was the Architecture of Medieval Ireland and in the later years of his career he published a number of important articles on the subject, all illustrated with photographs from this collection. In 2001 Prof. Rae donated his photographs to the History of Art Department at TCD. Since 2003 they have been administered by the Irish Art Research Centre TRIARC. The collection of photographs, which date to c.1930-1970 are focussed principally on Irish Later Medieval (c.1250-1600AD) tomb sculpture, wayside crosses, architecture and architectural detailing. Monuments from nearly all counties, including the North of Ireland are represented, and there is a small collection of comparative material from England and France. Holdings are particularly significant for counties Kilkenny and Dublin, areas which formed the focus of a number of Raes publications. The collection includes material in state-, church- and privately-owned monuments as well as some museum material.


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