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  • Estimating Commodity Substitution Bias in the Irish Inflation Rate Statistics during the Financial Crisis 

    Bermingham, Colin; Coates, Dermot; O'Brien, Derry (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2016)
    Measures such as the Consumer Price Index are important economic indicators setting out price changes in the Irish economy over time. Such measures, however, are subject to various types of measurement bias. The latter ...
  • Socio-economic Differentials in Male Mortality in Ireland 1984-2008 

    Layte, Richard; Nolan, Anne (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2016)
    The presence of pronounced inequalities in mortality and life expectancy across income, education and social groups has long been a “stylized fact” of demography. Research across a large number of developed and wealthy ...
  • The Effects of Foreign Aid in Sub-Saharan 

    Gillanders, Robert (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2016)
    This paper contributes to the aid effectiveness debate by applying a vector autoregression model to a panel of Sub-Saharan African countries. This method avoids the need for instrumental variables and allows one to analyse ...