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  • Political visions : George Russell, 1913-1930 

    Allen, Nicholas George (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of English, 2000)
    George Russell, poet and author, was a contemporary of W. B. Yeats and a figure central to the Irish Literary Revival. My thesis concentrates on his editorship of two journals, the Irish Homestead and the Irish Statesman, ...
  • Europe is the greatest thing in North America : Delmore Schwartz's 'International Consciousness' 

    Runchman, Alexander Herbert (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of English, 2012)
    My introduction considers the way in which Schwartz interprets the American Dream in a seminal essay about Ernest Hemingway, suggesting this as a framework within which to consider Schwartz’s work in general. I then offer ...
  • Blood, thunder and sudden death : the science and fiction of Edgar Rice Burroughs 

    Reid, Conor Edward (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of English, 2013)
    In a letter to his editor in 1919, American author Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) wondered whether he was "going to be known as Edgar Rice Burroughs the author or Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of Tarzan of the Apes" (Letter ...
  • The Menstruous-Monstrous : female blood in horror 

    Parsons, Maria (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of English, 2009)
    This thesis examines the subject of menstrual blood in gothic and horror literature and film. It aims to map and locate negative constructions and representations of the menstrual body within the genre while also pointing ...
  • Narcissism in the fiction of John Banville 

    O'Connell, Mark (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of English, 2010)
    This thesis concerns narcissism in the work of the novelist John Banville. By examining it as both a psychological characteristic of Banville’s narrators and as a defining quality of the narratives they create, it aims to ...

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