Recent Submissions

  • Molecular recognition of biomolecules by chiral CdSe quantum dots 

    GOUNKO, IOURI (2016)
    Molecular recognition is one of the most important phenomena in Chemistry and Biology. Here we present a new way of enantiomeric molecular recognition using intrinsically chiral semiconductor nanocrystals as assays. Real-time ...
  • Chiral quantum supercrystals with total dissymmetry of optical response 

    GOUNKO, IOURI (2016)
    Since chiral nanoparticles are much smaller than the optical wavelength, their enantiomers show little difference in the interaction with circularly polarized light. This scale mismatch makes the enhancement of enantioselectivity ...
  • Completely Chiral Optical Force for Enantioseparation 

    GOUNKO, IOURI (2016)
    Fast and reliable separation of enantiomers of chiral nanoparticles requires elimination of all the forces that are independent of the nanoparticle handedness and creation of a sufficiently strong force that either pushes ...
  • Mixing of quantum states: A new route to creating optical activity 

    GOUNKO, IOURI (2016)
    The ability to induce optical activity in nanoparticles and dynamically control its strength is of great practical importance due to potential applications in various areas, including biochemistry, toxicology, and ...
  • Nanoparticles in bioimaging 

    GOUNKO, IOURI (2016)
    This Special Issue of Nanomaterials is dedicated to the application of nanoparticulate materials in biological imaging. The issue highlights the rapidly expanding uses and interest in nanomaterials for bioapplications; in ...

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