Recent Submissions

  • Genetic Programming Bias with Software Performance Analysis 

    Cody-Kenny, Brendan
    The complexities of modern software systems make their engineering costly and time consuming. This thesis explores and develops techniques to improve software by automating re-design. Source code can be randomly modified ...
  • Social profiles for dynamically configurable agents in large scale cloud, grid, and heterogeneous infrastructures 

    LAVIN, PETER (Trinity College Dublin, 2014)
    A vast amount of computing resources are available throughout the world today. These are distributed worldwide, and are heterogeneous in platform, origins, motivations, ownership and control. Many large computational ...
  • Correlated Estimation Problems and the Ensemble Kalman Filter 

    Curn, Jan
    The Kalman flter is a recursive algorithm that estimates the state of a linear dynamical system from a sequence of noisy sensor measurements. Due to its relative simplicity, numerical efficiency and optimality, the Kalman ...
  • Formalising Human Mental Workload as a Defeasible Computational Concept 

    LONGO, LUCA (Trinity College Dublin, 2014)
    Human mental workload has gained importance, in the last few decades, as a fundamental design concept in human-computer interaction. It can be intuitively defined as the amount of mental work necessary for a person to ...
  • Acceleration of cryptographic 

    Harrison, Owen; Waldron, John (Trinity College Dublin. School of Computer Science and Statistics. Computer Science, Dublin, 2010)
    Graphics processing units (GPUs) can act as an attractive alternative to CPUs for general purpose computation in certain scenarios. Traditionally, the GPU has been developed to offload graphics processing from the CPU. In ...

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