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  • An evaluation of pain management post surgery 

    Mac Lellan, Kathleen (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Community Health and General Practice, 2001)
    Patients continue to suffer m oderate pain post surgery, much of which may be unnecessary with careful strategic pain management. The influence of routine and rituals in the management of pain is evident from the literature. ...
  • Effect of deinstitutionalisation on quality of life for adults with intellectual disabilities: a systematic review 

    May, Peter; Mc Carron, Mary; O'Donovan, Mary-Ann; Normand, Charles; Murphy, Esther; Smith, Valerie (2019)
    Objective: To review systematically the evidence on how deinstitutionalisation affects quality of life (QoL) for adults with intellectual disabilities. Design: Systematic review. Population: Adults (aged 18 years and ...
  • An investigation into the use of the temporal scan statistic as a monitoring tool for health impact assessment 

    Hand, Elaine (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Public Health and Primary Care, 2005)
    Health impact assessment (HIA) is an important methodological development within public health. Its purpose is to ensure that health is considered as a part of all government proposals and policies. While there has been ...
  • Dysphagia in solid malignancies outside the head, neck and upper gastrointestinal tract 

    KENNY, CIARAN (Trinity College Dublin. School of Medicine. Discipline of Public Health & Primary Care, 2019)
    Background Dysphagia is often associated with head, neck, and upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract cancers. It also occurs in those with solid malignancies outside anatomic swallow regions. When present, it leads to clinical ...
  • Checking the weight of children in general practice 

    O'Shea, Brendan (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Public Health and Primary Care, 2015)
    Childhood overweight is a serious health concern. Checking the weight of the child can be done in the primary care setting, where GPs have the opportunity to check the weight of children attending for routine care.It is ...

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