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  • The Envoys of Phywa to Dmu (PT 126) 

    Hill, Nathan (2021)
    New are the texts which offer a glimpse into Tibet’s religious traditions as they existed before the adoption of Buddhism as the state religion in 762. With the exception of stone inscriptions the earliest extant ...
  • Scholarship on Trans-Himalayan (Tibeto-Burman) languages of South East Asia 

    Hill, Nathan (Mouton de Gruyter, 2021)
    The spread of the Trans-Himalayan family¹ naturally paid no attention to 21st century political boundaries. The family includes languages with a geographic range from Balti Tibetan in Pakistan to Hokkien Chinese in ...
  • Defining meaningful units. Challenges in sign segmentation and segment-meaning mapping 

    Leeson, Lorraine; De Sisto, Mirella; Shterionov, Dimitar; Murtagh, Irene; Vermeerbergen, Myriam (Association for Machine Translation in the Americas, 2021)
    This paper addresses the tasks of sign segmentation and segment-meaning mapping in the con- text of sign language (SL) recognition. It aims to give an overview of the linguistic properties of SL, such as coarticulation and ...
  • Predicting dual-language literacy attainment in Irish-English bilinguals: language-specific and language-universal contributions 

    Barnes, Emily (Trinity College Dublin. School of Linguistic Speech & Comm Sci. C.L.C.S., 2021)
    This thesis focuses on dual-language literacy attainment and has three main aims. The first is to examine various predictors of early literacy attainment in Irish and English – phonemic awareness, rapid automatised naming ...
  • A Complexity Theory approach to collaborative language learning 

    Gibbes, Marina (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Centre for Language and Communication Studies, 2016)
    This dissertation brings complexity theory to the investigation of collaborative language learning. The broad aims of the PhD are two-fold - firstly, to understand more about the process of collaboration, and how it affects ...

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