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  • Translation of CCS into CSP, Correct up to Strong Bisimulation 

    Butterfield, Andrew; Ekembe Ngondi, Gerard; Koutavas, Vasileios (Springer, 2021)
    We present a translation of CCS into CSP which is correct with respect to strong bisimulation. To our knowledge this is the first such translation to enjoy a correctness property. This contributes to the unification of the ...
  • Developing Skills and Confidence in Non-Formal Education 

    Sullivan, Kevin (Trinity College Dublin. School of Computer Science & Statistics. Discipline of Computer Science, 2022)
    There is a growing recognition of the value of 21st century (21C) skills for modern learners, and many education systems are seeking to employ strategies to help their students develop those skills. This push is based on ...
  • Digital pattern synthesis with a compact MIMO antenna of half-wavelength diameter 

    Zandamela, Abel; Schraml, Korbinian; Chalermwisutkul, Suramate; Heberling, Dirk; Narbudowicz, Adam (2021)
    The paper presents a compact multiport antenna, with beamforming capabilities and a realized gain of 4.31 dBi with the size of λ/2. The antenna allows digital beamforming with independent control over three parameters: ...
  • On the Efficiency of Miniaturized 360° Beam-Scanning Antenna 

    Zandamela, Abel; Schraml, Korbinian; Chalermwisutkul, Suramate; Heberling, Dirk; Ammann, Max. J; Narbudowicz, Adam (IEEE, 2019)
    The efficiency and beam-scanning performance of a compact, beam reconfigurable antenna are presented. The proposed design provides a 360° reconfigurable bidirectional radiation pattern in the horizontal plane by using phase ...
  • Stacked-Patch MIMO Antenna for Dual-Plane Beamsteering 

    Zandamela, Abel Abdul; Marchetti, Nicola; Narbudowicz, Adam (2022)
    This paper proposes a compact stacked-patch Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna with beamsteering in azimuth and elevation planes. The beamsteering is executed by controlling the phase shifts and amplitudes ...

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