Recent Submissions

  • An Ontology for Standardising Trustworthy AI 

    Lewis, David; Pandit, Harshvardhan (IntechOpen, 2021)
    Worldwide, there are a multiplicity of parallel activities being undertaken in developing international standards, regulations and individual organisational policies related to AI and its trustworthiness characteristics. ...
  • Continuous Measurement Scales in Human Evaluation of Machine Translation 

    Graham, Yvette (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2013)
    We explore the use of continuous rating scales for human evaluation in the context of machine translation evaluation, comparing two assessor-intrinsic quality-control techniques that do not rely on agreement with expert ...
  • TRECVID 2018: Benchmarking Video Activity Detection, Video Captioning and Matching, Video Storytelling Linking and Video Search 

    Graham, Yvette (2018)
    The TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation (TRECVID)2018 was a TREC-style video analysis and retrieval evaluation, the goal of which remains to promote progress in research and development of content-based exploitation and retrieval ...
  • Results of the WMT17 Metrics Shared Task 

    Graham, Yvette (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2017)
    This paper presents the results of the WMT17 Metrics Shared Task. We asked participants of this task to score the outputs of the MT systems involved in the WMT17 news translation task and Neural MT training task. We collected ...
  • Findings of the 2017 Conference on Machine Translation (WMT17) 

    Graham, Yvette (2017)
    This paper presents the results of theWMT17 shared tasks, which included three machine translation (MT) tasks(news, biomedical, and multimodal), two evaluation tasks (metrics and run-time estimation of MT quality), ...

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