Recent Submissions

  • Explaining the Belated Emergence of Social Protest in Ireland Between 2009 and 2014 

    Layte, Richard; Landy, David (SSISI, 2017)
    In the summer of 2009, Ireland was the first European country to officially enter recession following the fiscal crisis which had enveloped the international banking system following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in ...
  • Who is the Populist Irish Voter? 

    Reidy, Theresa; Suiter, Jane (SSISI, 2017)
    Across the EU, the Great Recession begot economic and political crisis heralding a renewed march towards populism and party system fragmentation. Much commentary about Ireland remarked on the absence of a populist surge ...
  • Globalisation, Inequality and Populism 

    Nolan, Brian (SSISI, 2017)
    Inequality in the distribution of income and wealth among individuals has now come to the fore as a core concern across the industrialised world. In 2013 then President of the United States Barack Obama identified rising ...
  • An approach to estimating the effects of financing system change on Irish healthcare expenditure 

    Wren, Maev-Ann; Connolly, Sheelah; Cunningham, Nathan (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2016)
    The Irish healthcare system is a complex mix of public and private. The system is predominantly tax-financed (in 2013, 77 per cent of healthcare financing came from general taxation revenues); however, private health ...
  • Union membership in Ireland since 2003 

    Walsh, Frank (Statistical and Social Inquiry Statistical Society of Ireland, 2015)
    Using data from the Quarterly National Household Survey supplemented with some data from the European Social Survey we document a steady decline in union density in Ireland since 2003. While the great recession appeared ...

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