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  • Vol.I Session I: Preminary pages & list of members 

    Dublin Statistical Society (Dublin Statistical Society, 1849)
  • A deduction from the statistics of crime for the last twelve years 

    Walsh, Richard Hussey (Dublin Statistical Society, 1856)
    Both in ancient and modern times it has been generally believed that want is unfavorable to virtue, and privation (malesuada fames) an incentive to crime. But a counter-theory is now growing up, and becoming, in fact, ...
  • Effects of emigration; can it be made a means of relieving distress? 

    Jordan, Thomas (Dublin Statistical Society, 1856)
    Many, for instance, we all know, are now occasionally assisted in our towns by benevolent individuals or associations. How much more effective might not this relief be, if instead of being given in small sums, it were ...
  • Observations on the present export of silver to the East 

    Walsh, Richard Hussey (Dublin Statistical Society, 1856)
    Unlike the old movement of silver to the East, the present cannot be permanent. The former was rarely more than might be accounted for as the distribution of that metal to some of its principal customers? the nations ...
  • The progress of the colony of Victoria 

    Webb, Alfred (Dublin Statistical Society, 1856)
    How has it happened that the colony of Victoria ? occupying a central position with regard to the other Australian colonies, and possessing a fine soil, a genial climate, and greater mineral wealth than any other part ...

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