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  • Student mobility in Ireland and Northern Ireland 

    Smyth, Emer; Darmody, Merike (ESRI, 2023-09-18)
    There has been an increasing focus in policy development internationally and in Ireland on the globalisation of higher education and student mobility. Consequently, a growing body of international research has focussed on ...
  • Sub-minimum wages in Ireland 

    Redmond, Paul; Staffa, Elisa; Ciprikis, Klavs; McGuinness, Seamus; Oisín, Gilmore (ESRI, 2023-11-02)
    • The minimum wage in Ireland in 2023 is €11.30 per hour. However, current legislation allows employers to pay young workers a sub-minimum wage. Those aged less than 18 years can be paid 70 per cent of the full minimum ...
  • Measures of problem gambling, gambling behaviours and perceptions of gambling in Ireland 

    Ó Ceallaigh, Diarmaid; Timmons, Shane; Robertson, Deirdre; Lunn, Pete (ESRI, 2023-10-05)
    Problem gambling (PG) describes gambling behaviour that is disruptive or damaging to individuals, and includes behaviours (e.g., betting more than one can afford to lose) and experiences (e.g., feeling guilt and anxiety ...
  • Civic and political engagement among young adults in Ireland 

    Laurence, James; Smyth, Emer (ESRI, 2023-11-14)
    International research has shown that civic engagement, that is, volunteering in local services, can benefit both young people and their communities, while political engagement can strengthen a society’s democratic culture. ...

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