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  • The Impact of Performing a Network Meta-Analysis with Imperfect Evidence 

    LEAHY, JOY (Trinity College Dublin. School of Computer Science & Statistics. Discipline of Statistics, 2019)
    Network meta-analysis (NMA) is an important aspect of evidence synthesis in a clinical setting, as it allows us to compare treatments which may not have been analysed in the same trial. In an ideal scenario we would have ...
  • A diagnostic for the general linear model : an application to Time Series 

    Sullivan, Carl (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Computer Science & Statistics, 2002)
    An outlier is an observation which is thought to be unusual. The detection of such extreme values is an important issue. Developing a model based on data containing even a single outlier can seriously bias population ...
  • An exploratory study of gender segregation in investment management in Ireland 

    Sheerin, Corina (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Computer Science & Statistics, 2013)
    Despite the entry of women in recent years, Investment Management remains a male domain. The absence of women is most notable in the fund management suite and on the trading floor (the most lucrative sub sectors of the ...
  • A risk assessment tool for highly energetic break-up events during the atmospheric re-entry 

    De Persis, Cristina (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Computer Science & Statistics, 2017)
    Most unmanned space missions end up with a destructive atmospheric re-entry. From ten to forty percent of a re-entering satellite’s mass may survive re-entry and hit the Earth’s surface. This has the potential to be a ...
  • Trinity College Dublin Drone Survey Dataset 

    DAHYOT, ROZENN; BOURKE, MARY; Byrne, Jonathan; Connolly, Julie; Su, Jing; Moloney, David; Krylov, Vladimir (School of Computer Science & Statistics, Trinity College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, 2017)
    The dataset consists of 6 Zipped files and a Technical Report detailing the project. The original images from the drone survey are contained in the files names Images 1, Images 2, Images 3 and Images 4. The 3D mesh model ...

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