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  • On the use of CBR in optimisation problems such as the TSP 

    Cunningham, Padraig; Smyth, Barry; Hurley, Neil (Trinity College Dublin, Department of Computer Science, 1995-06)
    The particular strength of CBR is normally considered to be its use in weak theory domains where solution quality is compiled into cases and is reusable. In this paper we explore an alternative use of CBR in optimisati ...
  • Wireless Communication Using Real-Time Extensions to the Linux Network Subsystem 

    CAHILL, VINNY (2006)
    Timely wireless communication is essential to allow real-time mobile applications, e.g., communication between mobile robots and intervehicle communication to be realized. The current IEEE 802.11 ad hoc protocol is ...
  • Real-Time Communication in IEEE 802.11 Mobile Ad hoc Networks A Feasibility Study 

    Achieving predictable communication latency in an ad hoc IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network necessitates an approach that overcomes the impact of the underlying non-deterministic contention-based medium access ...
  • Practical Solutions to the Problem of Diagonal Dominance in Kernel Document Clustering 

    Greene, Derek; Cunningham, Padraig (Trinity College Dublin, Department of Computer Science, 2006-02-07)
    In supervised kernel methods, it has been observed that the performance of the SVM classifier is poor in cases where the diagonal entries of the Gram matrix are large relative to the off-diagonal entries. This problem, ...
  • ECUE: A Spam Filter that Uses Machine Learning to Track Concept Drift 

    Delany, Sarah Jane; Cunningham, Padraig (Trinity College Dublin, Department of Computer Science, 2006-02-10)
    While text classification has been identified for some time as a promising application area for Artificial Intelligence, so far few deployed applications have been described. In this paper we present a spam filtering ...

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