Recent Submissions

  • Queryable Provenance Metadata For GDPR Compliance 

    O'Sullivan, Declan; PANDIT, HARSHVARDHAN JITENDRA; Lewis, David (2018)
    Information associated with regulatory compliance is often siloed as legal documentation that is not suitable for querying or reuse. Utilising open standards and technologies to represent and query this information can ...
  • ENRICH 2013: the first workshop on the exploration, navigation and retrieval of information in cultural heritage 

    Lawless, Seamus (2013)
    On August 1 , 2013 the First Workshop on the Exploration, Navigation and Retrieval of Information in Cultural Heritage (ENRICH 2013) was held as part of the SIGIR 2013 conference in Dublin, Ireland. An invited talk was ...
  • Enhanced Personalized Search using Social Data 

    Lawless, Seamus (ACL, 2016)
    Search personalization that considers the social dimension of the web has attracted a significant volume of research in recent years. A user profile is usually needed to represent a user’s interests in order to tailor ...
  • A Cold-start Resistant and Extensible Recommender System 

    Lawless, Seamus (2019)
    In this paper, we propose the Cold-start Resistant and Extensible Recommender (CoRE), a novel recommender system that was developed as part of collaborative research with Ryanair, the world’s most visited airline website. ...
  • Introducing ADELE: A personalized intelligent companion 

    Wade, Vincent; Lawless, Seamus (2017)
    This paper introduces ADELE, a Personalized Intelligent Companion designed to engage with users through spoken dialog to help them explore topics of interest. The system will maintain a user model of information consumption ...

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