Recent Submissions

  • Angle of Arrival Estimation Via Small IoT Devices: Miniaturized Arrays vs MIMO Antennas 

    Zandamela, Abel; Chiumento, Alessandro; Marchetti, Nicola; Narbudowicz, Adam (2022)
    This tutorial discusses the problem of Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) estimation from small Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It reviews the limitations and challenges of existing miniaturization strategies, which involve classical ...
  • Trinity Access - Project Overview 

    Ni Chorcora, Eilis; Tangney, Brendan; Banks, Joanne; Bray, Aibhin; Devitt, Ann; Sullivan, Kevin; Smith, Ronan; Byrne, Philip (Trinity Access, Trinity College Dublin, 2021)
  • Aspects of linguistic ageing in literary authors across time 

    Vogel, Carl (2021)
    This work offers an investigation into linguistic changes in a corpus of literary authors hypothesised to be possibly attributable to the effects of ageing. In part, the analysis replicates an earlier study into these ...
  • English Machine Reading Comprehension Datasets: A Survey 

    Dzendzik, Daria; Vogel, Carl; Foster, Jennifer (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2021)
    This paper surveys 60 English Machine Reading Comprehension datasets, with a view to providing a convenient resource for other researchers interested in this problem. We categorize the datasets according to their question ...
  • Enhancing Rare Disease Research with Semantic Integration of Environmental and Health Data 

    Navarro Gallinad, Albert; Orlandi, Fabrizio; O'Sullivan, Declan (ACM, 2021)
    Knowledge Graph (KG) approaches are increasingly being used for data integration processes to combine clinical data with other data sources. Health Data Researchers (HDR) could benefit from these technologies since they ...

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