The “9th International Workshop on Planetary, Solar and Heliospheric Radio Emissions” was held in September 2022 in Dublin, Ireland. The proceedings of this workshop are now available as the book Planetary Radio Emissions IX (PRE IX), which is a continuation of the “PRE silver series” issued by the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press. All contributions were double peer-reviewed under the guidance of the five editors Fischer, G., Jackman, C. M., Louis, C. K., Sulaiman, A. H., Zucca, P. (in alphabetical order). For more than three decades the developments in the field of planetary solar, heliospheric and now exoplanetary radio emissions have been documented in the PRE proceedings. The new volume PRE IX contains articles about observations, simulations or predictions of radio emissions from the Solar System planets (e.g., the Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus), the Sun, the heliosphere, exoplanets and the interplanetary medium. A large number of contributions deals with observations from recent spacecraft (such as Cassini, Juno, Parker Solar Probe or Solar Orbiter), but also from large ground-based radio observatories (LOFAR, NenuFAR, UTR-2, LWA, NDA and others)

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