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  • Cacti and filtered distributive laws 

    Motivated by the second author’s construction of a classifying space for the group of pure symmetric automorphisms of a free product, we introduce and study a family of topological operads, the operads of based cacti, ...
  • Quark-gluon plasma phenomenology from the lattice 

    RYAN, SINEAD (2014)
    The FASTSUM Collaboration has calculated several quantities relevant for QCD studies at non-zero temperature using the lattice technique. We report here our results for the (i) interquark potential in charmonium; (ii) ...
  • The bottomonium spectrum at finite temperature from N f = 2 + 1 lattice QCD 

    RYAN, SINEAD (2014)
    We present results on the bottomonium spectrum at temperatures above and below the deconfinement crossover temperature, T c , from dynamical lattice QCD simu- lations. The heavy quark is treated with ...
  • Quark-Gluon Plasma: From lattice simulations to experimental results 

    RYAN, SINEAD (2014)
    Theoretical studies of quarkonia can elucidate some of the important properties of the quark–gluon plasma, the state of matter realised when the temperature exceeds O (150) MeV, currently probed by heavy-ion collisions ...
  • Bethe/gauge correspondence on curved spaces 

    Bethe/gauge correspondence identifies supersymmetric vac ua of massive gauge theories invariant under the two dimensional N = 2 Poincare supersymmetry with the stationary states of some quantum integrable system. The ...

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