Recent Submissions

  • Scenarios and distributional implications of a household wealth tax in Ireland 

    Lawless, Martina; Lynch, Donal (Ifo Institute, 29/06/2018)
    This paper aims to provide as comprehensive an analysis as possible of the wealth holdings of Irish households and the potential implications that a wealth tax could have, if applied to the existing structure of assets and ...
  • Labour Relations and Modes of Employment 

    van Vliet, Olaf; Beblavy, Miroslav; Caminada, Koen; Domonkos, Stefan; Drahokoupil, Jan; Goudswaard, Kees; Koster, Ferry; Kurekova, Lucia; McQuinn, John; Munderlein, Maria; Murphy, Gavin; Myant, Martin; Siedschlag, Iulia (NEUJOBS, an European Research Consortium, 16/07/2013)
    This Policy Brief contains policy implications on labour relations and modes of employment (Work Package 6), a collaborative EU-funded research project.